What is myrouter.local?

The myrouter.local is the web address that can be used to easily login to Linksys router. Likewise, one can also use http://myrouter.local web address to configure the advanced setting of the Linksys router. Alternatively, the user can also use IP address as a login address for your Linksys router.

Linksys Router Login using myrouter.local

  1. First of all, connect the Linksys Wi-Fi router to the computer through which the user will able to configure all the settings. After making a connection, open the web-browser at your computer system.
  2. Provide myrouter.local address in the address field of the internet browser. Press the enter key.
  3. Enter the login details i.e. email address and password to access the Linksys router login.
  4. Then, click to the “Sign in” button.

After that, by providing the correct and valid email address and password, the user will automatically redirect to the configuration page.

myrouter.local is not working

Why myrouter.local is not working?

Let suppose, if the user is getting an error message like 404 as well as page can’t be displayed, states that myrouter.local is not working properly due to any wired connection or network issue. To resolve the issue:-

  • Ensure that your computer system should properly connect to the Linksys router through wired or wireless connection.
  • After that, choose the automatically assign IP address option, only if there is any assigned IP. One can check the IP address by opening cmd and type ipconfig.

Still, you are facing the same issue, then immediately restart the Linksys router and again trying with myrouter.local.

How to Change Linksys router admin password?

To prevent the Linksys router setting from the other users, one can easily change the Linksys router admin password.  On the other hand, by using the default password, the other connected devices can easily access the router.

Hence, it is better suggested to change the default password of Linksys router through myrouter.local.

  1. Type the username and password as admin for both.
  2. Select the administration option. Under this, change your default Linksys router admin password.
  3. Hereby, the drop-down list will appear, provide the current login password as admin.
  4. Fortunately, enter the new router password. Then, click to the apply >> save option.
Change your Linksys router administrator password

How To Reset your Linksys router using myrouter.local

Most of the times, a situation appears to reset the Linksys router. It can be seen generally when the user forgets its username or password. Thus, follow the given instructions to reset the Linksys router with the help of myrouter.local.

Reset your Linksys router using myrouter.local
  1. Connect your Linksys router and the computer system through a wired connection (Ethernet cable).
  2. Open the web browser (Mozilla Firefox, etc.). Type myrouter.local address in the address field of the respective web-browser. Press the enter key.
  3. Enter the required credential (which you have used earlier) in the field of username along with the password. Click to the Login option.
  4. Choose the Administration option.
  5. Then, select the Factory default option to complete the process to reset the Linksys router.

Linksys Router Firmware update through http://myrouter.local

In case, if the user-facing the issue related to Linksys router login. Then, firstly try to check whether the firmware update of Linksys router is up to date or not. If not, then follow the below instruction to update the firmware with the help of myrouter.local.

  • Formerly, the user needs to download the firmware file through and save it into the desired location.
  • In the next step, Login to the Linksys router with the help of myrouter.local or IP address (
  • Go to the ‘administration option’ and inside that select the firmware upgrade option.
  • Click to the Browse button to select the firmware file which you have downloaded earlier.
  • After selecting the file, click to the available ‘open’ button.
  • Click to the given option ‘Start upgrade’. Consequently, the user will be notified that “your firmware update process will start”.
  • Wait sometimes and make sure that your internet connection should not be interrupted.
Firmware update myrouter.local

For the completion of the firmware update process, the user will get a message.

Tip: The user should power their Linksys router after firmware update.

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