TP-Link Router login provides networking devices and accessories all over the world. The tp-link Wi-Fi provides the various updated aspects to provide ease to the user. Moreover, the updated features of the Tp-link provide the user so many useful activities like high performance. The tp-link router administration panel is available by simple enter the address. The Tp-link routers are easy to install and setup. The is the web domain to access the tp-link router if you will not able to directly access the login with the web address then you can also access the tp-link router with the default IP address. It will reroute you to the login process. Not everyone facing these types of problems but in some of the cases, the user faces the issue while accessing the signing process.

Can’t getting Access to the TP-link Wi-Fi router?

There are several issues due to which the Tp-link router is not working properly. There are the following methods mentioned in these articles if the user-facing the issue of the tp-link router by using the default settings.

  • In the very first case, you will need to check the power supply before going to restart the
  • Restart the Router and endeavor to get to the login setup page yet again.
  • Attempt to get to the login page by IP address.
  • Power cycle the Tp-Link Router.
  • Connect the tp-link wifi router with the device by using the Ethernet cable.
  • Open your preferred web program at that point type the web address of the tp-link wifi router to the location bar and afterward press enter.
  • The attachment on the wifi fastens to set the wifi coordinate with the router.
Can’t getting Access to the TP-link Wi-Fi

Reset Username and Password of TP-Link Wi-Fi Router

For some of the security aspects, the user wants to change the username and password of the system. It will be the name shown on the other connected devices to the network. Here are some steps to change the username and password for

Reset Username and Password of TP-Link Wi-Fi Router
  • Connect the router through the Ethernet cable and open the internet browser.
  • Search the official web address of the to the address bar of the internet browser.
  • A login page appears on the screen and then press the enter button.
  • Then the system asks you to enter the username and password.
  • The quick setup window appears on the screen and then click to the Next button.
  • Type the New username and password to the wireless networking name field.
  • In front of the Wireless Password field, there is the tab under these here you can enter the new password for the router.
  • Then Click to the finish and then click to the next button.

Tp-Link Router Firmware Update

The TP-Link releases the new firmware on time to time. It will work on that condition firstly you can check the condition whether your router is working properly or not. The user cannot face any issues while they log in to the router. The followings steps are required for the firmware upgrade of the router:-

  • By using the Ethernet cable open the browser and download the firmware make sure you can enter the correct model number while installing the firmware.
  • Search the desired location on the computer or the pc then save the downloaded file.
  • Open the internet browser and type the official to the address bar and press the enter button.
  • Here you can enter the default login credentials (username and password) to access the login arrangement of the
  • The Username and the Password must be in a case sensitive.
  • Then click on the System Tools and also click on the quick setup page.
  • Click on the browse the Firmware tab located on the left side of the screen.
  • Here you will have to wait for a couple of seconds to upgrade your firmware router. Then open the downloaded firmware file while clicking on the Ok button.
  • When the downloading and upgraded process is completed the device reboot automatically and sign in again.
Tp-Link Router Firmware Updation
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