How to setup a Tp-link WiFi router?

Setting up the Tp-link Wi-Fi router may seem very daunting, but when it comes to the tutorial, the tplinkwifi router setup is an effortless process. It only takes a couple of minutes to perform the setup.

Steps for Tp-link Wi-Fi router setup

Despite this, the tp-link  router setup consists of some of the basic steps. The router setup is categorized into 3 parts, mentioned below:-

Connect power :

  1. Get the power cable and try to connect it to the power source outlet or surge protector.
    Get the power cable tplink
  2. Secondly, attach the other end of the power cable to the Tp-link Wi-Fi router’s power input, which is generally located at the rear side of the router.
    Note:- Make sure, the user is using the same power adapter that comes with the Tp-link Wi-Fi router.
  3. . Once, you made a connection, power it on to move forward.

Connect to wire cable/Modem :

Before this, ensure that your Tp-link router should already be connected to a modem to facilitate the local network including the internet connection.

  1. Use an Ethernet cable.
  2. Take one end of the wire cable, insert it to the internet (WAN) port on the rear side of the Tp-link router. Ensure that the color of the port should be blue or grey. Can’t getting Access to the TP-link Wi-Fi
  3. Now, take another end of an Ethernet cable, insert it to the Ethernet (LAN) port on the rear side of the modem available. The LAN port should be typically in yellow.
    Thus, the user completed the wired connection to perform the setup.

  4. Turn on your router and check whether the green flashes or not. Turn on your router and check whether the green flashes
  5. Once your computer gets to connect to the LAN port via Ethernet port, then no matter which port number are you using.

  6. After that, open any of the search engines, provide the web address in the address field, if it does not work enter into the URL bar.tplinkwifi
  7. Thus, a Tp-link Wi-Fi router login screen appears, which will be prompted to enter the username and password

Click on the login button to configure the Tp-link Wi-Fi router.

How to setup a Tp-link WiFi router?

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