How to setup Orbi RBK50?

It is the most recommendable router that delivers the fastest speed as compared with other devices. This system contains an orbilogin and also a satellite. Apart from this, it flawlessly works with existing ISP to enjoy the better performance of Orbi Wi-Fi.

Setup for orbi rbk50 using the Orbi app 

Setup for Netgear Orbi RBK50 using the Orbi app

Meanwhile, it is noticed several times that the user comes with a request that How to setup orbi rbk50 (AC3000). Well, for this one needs not to worry.

The below installation process will surely help to perform the orbi rbk50 setup.

  1. Initially, the user needs to download the Orbi app with the help of the play store, which is present in all the internet-enabled devices.
  2. Install the downloaded Orbi application into your device.
  3. After that, by connecting the Ethernet cable i.e RJ45 with the WAN port of the Orbi-satellite.
  4. Meanwhile, move to the web portal of Orbi by visiting the site
  5. Fill the required information for orbilogin. Follow the given instructions that are mentioned for the setup of the Orbi router with the help of the Orbi satellite.
  6. To add another satellite, go to the login portal of Orbi application by entering the  either by IP address i.e

Beyond this, if the users wish to add another satellite, then go to the login portal of Orbi application by entering the or by IP address

Setps fo orbi rbk50 setup:

Netgear Orbi RBK50 setup guide
  • Re-establish the wireless router and the modem initially.
  • Now, using the Ethernet cable, try to connect it with the modem of the internet port.
  • Now, in the power outlets try to plug in the Orbi router.
  • Turn ON the button of the router. When the power LED light gets white, it means that it is in ON state.
  • Start connecting the Orbi satellite to the device. Then, turn the ON button.
  • Furthermore, the user needs to connect to the Orbi network. Additionally, visit the website either enter the IP address 
  • Enter the username and password (default).
  • Fortunately, click to the ‘Login’ option for accessing the Netgear Login setup page.

How to update orbi rbk50 firmware

Netgear Orbi RBK50 firmware update

For the firmware update, the users need to configure the given administrative option and security of the router. The regular firmware update will help the consumer to keep updated with the security features.

Setps for orbi rbk50 firmware update:

  1. In the foremost step, start checking the new update of the router and satellite.
  2. Now, login to your router’s page by following the orbi  login process.
  3. Go to the router’s advanced setting. 
  4. Click to the administration button and move to the ‘Firmware Update’ option. Then, click on the ‘check’ button.
  5. Hereby, the router’s Wi-Fi starts checking for the new firmware update, if it is available.
  6. In case, if there is any new firmware update. Then, click to the ‘update all’ option.

Hence, the router will download the firmware update.

How to setup Orbi RBK50?

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