How to Setup the Amped Athena R2 RTA-2600 MU-MIMO Router (RTA2600-R2)?

The ATHENA-R2 RTA-2600 MU-MIMO router with quad-stream Wi-Fi and MU-MIMO gives quick Wi-Fi speeds, permitting to stream to numerous contraptions all the while. The Four outside Antennas got together with four inward radio wires to improve and enhance the Wi-Fi extend. Amped RT-2600-R2’s dashboard ground-breaking 1.4GHz double band processor gives you an elite systems administration motor for quicker connections.

Advanced Features of Amped Athena RTA-2600 R2 Router

Advanced Features of Amped Athena RTA-2600 R2 Router

Double BAND MU-MIMO WIFI – Up to 600Gbps + 2100Mbps to convey more WiFi for more than the devices all the while.

FOUR ETHERNET PORTS – The Four Ethernet LAN ports with the ability to add up to two ports for snappier information move.

HIGH POWER ANTENNAS – Enhance weak signals and diminish impedance. Memory: 80 MB streak and 256 MB RAM. Athena RTA-2600 R2 Router Login Setup Athena RTA-2600 R2 Router Login Setup

To install and configure the arrangement of range extender first you need to locate the right here and there your extender. To locate the opportune spot select an area between dead spot and router.

Here are the steps to Setup the Amped Wireless Router login Setup:

  • In the foremost case, you will need to interface your PC or tablet with go extender with an Ethernet link or wireless network.
  • Enter the arrangement address in the program or attempt
  • Access the dashboard for the amped goes extender arrangement.
  • Scan the home system and then click on the “next”.
  • Check your home system security setting and click on the Next button.
  • This arrangement wizard will duplicate the SSID and security key of your home system.
  • Presently interface with the newly expanded system.
  • Check your arrangement outline and the all-encompassing system is prepared to utilize.

Offline Setup Method of Amped Athena-2600 Router

  • In the foremost case, you will need to plug in the Amped Athena-EX AC2600 extender to the electrical plug and guarantee that there is a green force LED.
  • Go to Wireless administrator on your PC and check in the event that you see Amped Ext wireless system in the rundown.
  • Interface your PC with the open wireless system and your PC will be released from the web.
    Note: Try not to stress in case you’re not ready to go online on your PC but rather still you can get to the login arrangement page.
  • Type in the location bar of the program and press go.
  • Enter the default username and the secret phrase to login to the Amped wireless arrangement page.
  • The admin arrangement page will appear on the screen.

How to Reset the Password of Amped Wireless Router?

Reset the Password of Amped Wireless Router

The dashboard is presently available in the pushed features the customer can without a lot of a stretch find a workable pace wireless router through the The customer can be immovably recommended by the ace to change the structure mystery word in order to time for the security area. It will in like way be proposed to the customer that put the strong character into the mystery key with the objective that it won’t be foreseen by anyone.

Here are a couple of steps to reset the password expression we will discuss below:

  • In the foremost case you if the user needs to change the mystery key with the web address
  • Open the web program and type the area of the Amped wireless router into the area bar.
  • Enter the username and login password of the Amped wireless router.
  • At that point go to the pushed settings by then go to the organization optional and after that select the secret phrase.
  • Here you can enter the old mystery word and the put the new mystery state and a short time later re-type the new mystery word again for the confirmation.
  • Fill all the necessary fields and by clicking, ok get to proceed to the accompanying stage.
How to Setup the Amped Athena R2 RTA-2600 MU-MIMO Router (RTA2600-R2)?

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