How to reset my asus router password

Resetting the is only left to the users, either they forgot the Asus router password or can be any other valid reason. It can also be noticed that most of the people have struggled hard in order to reset the password of your Asus router.

Luckily, in this below section we have discussed about the two methods to reset the password.

Method to reset asus router password

Method to reset the password
  1. Hard reset
  2. Soft reset

Firstly, we are going to discuss about the steps to complete the hard reset procedure.

Reset asus router password via hard reset method

Hard reset is a method that can only be implementing by using the reset or pushing down the reset button. The following steps for hard reset:-

  1. In the first and foremost step, the user has to locate to the reset button present at the bottom of your
  2. Now, by using the manual technique you have to push down the reset button and remain pushed it for at least couple of seconds.
    Along with remember one thing; do not release the reset button, till the user see the LEDs on Asus router lightning up.
  3. Once the light flashes, then you can simply release down the reset button. Also, you have to wait for while, till your to load to its default settings.

reset asus router password via soft method

Now, if the user wants to reset the Asus router by interacting to the web interface, then you are required to follow the below given steps.

Reset the Asus router password via soft

Steps for reset asus router password

Asus router reset password

The steps are:-

  1. Check properly, whether your Asus router is in ON state as well as it also connect to your computer or laptop.
  2. Select any of the web browser whichever you want. Then move to the search bar. Enter the web address or internet protocol address.
  3. Fill the details in the required login fields. One can enter the default username and password of your and thus, you will reach to the Asus router login page.
  4. By filling the correct Asus router password and username, tap on the Login button. After few minutes, the user will be redirected to the home page.
  5. When you will reach to home page, locate to the administration option and click to the administration tab.
  6. Go to the settings option and choose the restore/default option.
  7. Once you are done with the above steps, the Asus will start executing the operation.
How to reset my asus router password

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