How to reset D-link router?

In a situation, if you are facing issue during dlinkrouter.local setup. Then, it is recommended to reset your D-link router to the factory default settings. Undoubtedly, there can be several issues which may insist the users to perform D-link router reset. Resetting is a process in order to change the current settings into the factory default settings.

Steps to reset D-link router

This method is known as hard reset. Following steps are:-

Steps to reset D-link router
  1. Before starting with the dlinkrouter.local reset process, ensure that your router is in ON state. If it is OFF, then visit to the power button available on your device and press down the button.
  2. Once, the above step gets completed, then takes a help of a paper clip or a sharp safety pin. Locate to the reset button available at the rear side of your router.
  3. Press the reset button using the paper clip or sharp safety pin.
  4. Now, find a label button located at the top of the reset button.
  5. Further, find a perfect location to place your dlinkrouter.local. Use a location from where it can easily be connected to other devices.
  6. Keep a long-press to reset button of your existing D-link router with the help of a pin.
  7. After the 10 seconds, release down the reset button and again press it.
  8. Thus, remove the pin but without any damage.
  9. Wait for a while, till it completed rebooting process. Meanwhile, during the process the LED light flickers on dlinkrouter.local.

Note:- The LED light states that your router is completely reset to the factory default settings.

When you are done with the reset process, all of your settings may automatically convert to factory default settings. You are prompted to set a new password and network again per your choice. While setting up a network name and the password, make sure it should be unique.

Another method to reset your router is to interact with the web interface. This procedure is known as soft reset. To proceed with soft reset process,

proceed with soft reset process
  • You simply need to open an internet browser.
  • Access dlinkrouter.local web page to log in to your D-link router.
  • Once, log in page gets open. Enter the username and password and proceed with the on-screen instructions.
How to reset D-link router?

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