How to setup netgear

If you are unable to set up your Netgear router, then you are at the perfect place. In this blog, we are going to discuss how one can configure their Orbi router as an access point.

Additionally, configuring the router through an access point permits the user to use the Orbi router’s Wi-Fi in place of the Wi-Fi on your available router.

Steps to perform setup as an access point

To set up your Orbi router through an access point, here are the following steps in the below section:-

Steps to perform setup as an access point
  1. Use a wired connection (Ethernet cable) to attach the internet port of your router to the LAN port of the router existing already.
  2. Open a web browser over your personal computer or you can use laptop, which is connected to the orbi router’s network.
  3. After that to open the login window, enter web address in the search bar and click on the enter key.
  4. Thus, the basic home page displays. Put the username as well as password key for the required field.
  5. Now, click on the advanced tab. Go to the advanced setup option and choose the Router/AP mode.
    However, the Router/AP mode displays over the window screen.
  6. Click on the AP mode radio button. Thus, the page adjusts.

Further, select the suitable internet protocol address setting. There are two options provided are:-

Get dynamically from the existing router

Get dynamically from the existing router

This option States that the other router connects on the same network will automatically assign an IP address to the new router. Even though, the router is already in AP mode.

Enable fixed IP setting on this device (not recommended)

  • This option States that if the user wants to manually provide the internet protocol address to this router, while the router is in AP mode. Then, only he/she may use this setting.
  • To use this option, one needs an advanced network experience.

You may choose any of the following option (only one). After this, you are done with the orbi router setup.

How to setup netgear

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