How to setup & login to your TP-link Wi-Fi router?

TP-link Wi-Fi router is one of the amazing networking device that serves the facility to boost up your existing Wi-Fi signals. Therefore, to proceed with setup process for router, the user is prompted to follow the mentioned points in a hassle-free manner.

Steps for Setup router

Steps for TP-link Wi-Fi router

The following important guidelines are:-

  1. In the foremost step, locate to a power source outlet available nearby to your existing router.
  2. Secondly, plug in your router into the power socket and switch it on.
  3. Now, on your personal computer or any other client device, tap on the available Wi-Fi icon and try to connect to the TP-link router.
  4. After that, power on your laptop or personal computer, which you were using for setting up the router and then, access the preferred internet browser.
  5. Now, simply input the address in the search bae of your desired web browser to open up your login page for your router. Tap on the Enter key.
  6. After reaching to the TP-link router login page, you need to enter the login credentials i.e. username & password.
  7. Use the admin details for both the corresponding fields.
  8. Select the current region in which you are living in. In these steps, one can simply click on the home wireless network option.
  9. After selecting the region, you are required to input the security password.
  10. In the last step, provide the desired network name (SSID) for your available router.

Thus, you are done with TP-link Wi-Fi router setup process.

Login in to your router

If the user wants to perform the configuration on his/her router, then the user should be log in to router.

TP-link Wi-Fi login steps

TP-link Wi-Fi login steps

Here are some steps which definitely helps you to log in to your router. The steps are:-

  • Initially, ensure your are connected to the network that will take you to the login internet protocol as well as its control panel. Besides that, for implementing a connect you are required to use a wireless or wired connection.
  • Secondly, open the internet browser of your choice over your laptop. Enter the TP-link Wi-Fi router’s IP address or provide the web address to reach at the login page of your existing router.
  • Once you will reach to the login page, provide the correct login details for username and password fields. Enter the login details if and only if you have not changed the default ones.
  • At last, tap on the Login button.
How to setup & login to your TP-link Wi-Fi router?

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