How to setup and login

The are the most effortless and automatic routers to easily manage the home network. Thus, to enjoy your home network, the users are required to perform the setup. 

Steps to perform setup

Asus router setup was not so much easier process as of we are thinking. You need to keep following the given points carefully:-

  • Undoubtedly, there are 3 cables that the user needs to be connected. They are:-
  • Connect your DSL modem to the WAN port of your via Ethernet cable. It is labelled with blue coloured ring port.
  • After that by taking the another end of Ethernet cable from your personal computer to any of the LAN ports of your
  • Finally, connect your power cable to the wall outlet and to the DCIN port on your Asus router labelled with green colour.
  • Once, you make a wired connection. Then, simply press the power button available on the back of the Asus router.
  • Once, your is in powered ON state, then launch a preferred web browser. Thus, a setup page will automatically gets open. In case, if it will not displayed then you are required to manually enter the address over the internet browser. Either you can input the default IP address of your router.
    Hit the enter key.
  • Now, the login window screen displayed. You are prompted to enter the Asus router login credentials i.e. username and password. Click on the OK button.
  • Therefore, the initial setup page will gets open on your window screen. Click on the GO button.
  • Input the preferred username and password in the required field and click to the next button.
  • Thus, the will start detecting the internet connection. In case, if gets failed then the user are required to enter the network name and security key manually.
  • Input the desired network name and network key in the corresponding fields. Click on the apply button.
  • However, a configuration summary will appear over the window screen. Click on the Next button.

Therefore, your setup is completed successfully.

Essential steps for Asus router login

To login in to the Asus router, start following the given steps carefully.

  • Connect your with any of the web-enabled such as laptop or computer with the help of Wi-Fi connection or wired connection.
  • Afterwards, explore to any of the internet browser of your choice. Search in the location bar of the desired web browser.
  • Additionally, one can also use the default internet protocol address instead of web address.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • Now, a login prompts open. Input the Asus router login credentials in the corresponding fields.
  • Click on the login button.

However, your Asus router login is completed .

How to setup and login

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