How do I setup & login to Netgear R6220 (AC-1200) Router?

Netgear R6220 (AC-1200) is an excellent networking devices that provides extreme and continuous internet speed. Therefore, if one wants to setup the router AC1200 at your home, then follow the article.

Steps for Netgear R6220 setup

Steps to perform the Netgear R6220 router login

To perform the setup, one needs to make a physical connection. The following steps are:-

  1. In the foremost step, plug in your Netgear R6220 AC-1200 into the power wall socket.
  2. Take a modem power adapter and plugged in. To ensure that whether your modem is on, hence check the status of the light.
  3. Now, make a physical connection by using an Ethernet cable. Connect one end of Ethernet cable to the modem and another end of cable into the internet port of
  4. In the next step, plug in the power adapter of your router Check the status of light to confirm that is on.

Thus, your Netgear R6220 (AC-1200) Router setup process is completed.

Steps to perform the Netgear R6220 router login

Steps for Netgear R6220 setup

After the router setup, the next step is to log in to your Netgear router. Thus, perform the following steps:-

  1. Formerly, ensure that your have strong connection between the modem and your
  2. Take a help of updated web browser.
  3. Enter the router’s default IP address or can simply type into the internet browser’s address field.
  4. Hit the Enter key from the keyboard.
  5. Input the username along with password in the respective field of login dashboard.
    Note:- provide the default login details, only in case if you have not changed the default details.
  6. Select the Login option.
  7. Once your Netgear router setup page gets open, then follow the instruction will be presented over window screen to complete the procedure.
How do I setup & login to Netgear R6220 (AC-1200) Router?

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