How to fix not working?

Tp-link routers are the most trusted brands that make the best networking devices, for instance, modem, routers. and range extenders.

Besides that, sometimes the user may fail to access the login page, receive the login error for not working,  either one is not getting a proper response as well.

Cause for tp-link Wi-Fi not working error

Thus, the blog investigated some of the general issues, why not working. Some of them are:-

  1. Most of the time, the security function will help the management page from being accessed, only if the router was not restarted for a long duration.
  2. Your computer is not configured to allow the IP assignment- this is one of the most common issues faced by many of the Tp-link Wi-Fi users, especially in a situation where the user has completed the first step from the Tp-link utility.
  3. Firmware bug- there are some investigation reports towards the firmware bug, which prevents the Tp-link Wi-Fi users to work with the working page. firmware update tplink

Methods to resolve not working

Despite that, to get free from the above-discussed issue, the blog also provides helpful methods. They are:-

  1. Firstly, check the device has been properly connected to the tp-link Wi-Fi router’s network, otherwise the user not be able to access the login page with the help of the domain address
  2. Let’s suppose, if the user receives the error message from the Tp-link, then he/she need to clear out the cached data of the public Internet protocol address of As well, clear the web browser cache and alternatively, one may choose any different search engine.
  3. Try to use the Internet protocol address of your router as or, instead of using the web address.
    tplink defult ip address
  4. Now, if the user has several connections at one time, then it is suggested to disable as well as disconnect the internet and VPN connections and use only wired to connect to the Tp-link Wi-Fi router.
  5. The next method is to power cycle the Tp-link router. Also, if possible, then try to restart the networking device such as laptop, computer, and phone to access the page. One may also plug out/ in the power cable for a while, or press and hold the power button to reboot the Tp-link Wi-Fi router twice.

  6. Disable the firewall and anti-virus software temporarily. To disable the firewall and anti-virus, you may need to go to the control panel of Windows.

In case, all of the methods fail to solve the working problem, directly contact our technicians to troubleshoot the issue.

How to fix not working?

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